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    GIM SE ASIA 2001 Reunion 2016

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      The GIM SE Asia 2001 group better known as the FRIP group had a reunion at Pasteur in Uptown in March 2016. The turnout was fantastic with friends traveling in from Denver, DC, NY to take part.

      GIM SE Asia 2001 Reunion 2016.JPG

      Back Row: Melissa Long, Amy McClory, Heather LaBelle, Marcia Batchelder, Josh Batchelder, Mark Verschuur, John LaBelle, Christ (Cabot) Bini, Mark Bini, Kyle Freimuth, Caitlin Kelly, Wendy (Shields) Freimuth

      Front Row: Brian Marsella, Kathy Voss, Sarah Kriger Hwang, Milt Hwang, Danny Long and Faith (Covici) Polovin

      Present and Not Pictured: Piyush (Peter) Chaudhri, Pete Stille, and Jeff Strazis

      Bolded names students and a combination of TMP classes of 2001 and 2002.