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Dr. Thomas R. Powers, MD (WCAS63, FSM66) remembers a Christmas outing that ended up ruining his spring but ultimately saving his education.


Rob Freedlander (C83) shares his memory of painting the Rock.


Jason Burns (McC98) talks about choosing Northwestern, his involvement in student groups, and the University's influence in his life.


Carly Herrera-Finn (McC08) talks about choosing Northwestern, her sorority, and the exciting research happening at the University.


Madelyn Dinnerstein (J83) shares her memories of Northwestern student life, including building sets for plays, developing her journalism career, and learning to juggle.


Jill Feldon LaNouette (WCAS78, GJ81) talks about her experience with the Northwestern Dance Company and the unique opportunity to participate in a range of activities.


Michael Szanto ’98, MA ’98 discusses his favorite tradition at Northwestern involving the wins and losses of the NU football team.


Datu Ramel (WCAS73) remembers a time when diversity first became an important concept in higher education.


Dr. Jerry Juska (KSM68, GJ69, GSESP88) discusses the career impact his education had and Northwestern's role in the world.


Robert Stein (C83) recognizes that the diversity at Northwestern only enhanced his learning and overall experience.


Carolyn Burrows Matalene (WCAS63) talks about organizing Northwestern's second symposium, filled with world-class speakers.


Dr. Charles Modlin, MD (WCAS83, FSM87) talks about the exciting construction, new academic programs, and unique opportunities at Northwestern.