Justin Barbin '11

Justin Barbin ’11 will not only attend his 5th Reunion this month—he’ll take over the Northwestern Alumni Association’s Instagram feed while he’s there.



A professional photographer, Barbin is well-suited to document Reunion Weekend through the photo sharing social network. He is a School of Communication graduate who regularly returns to campus as the official photographer for Northwestern marquee events such as Dance Marathon (he’s shooting his tenth Dance Marathon this spring!) and Dillo Day. For many students and alumni, getting a picture snapped by Barbin is an essential part of the Northwestern experience.


After graduating, Barbin stayed in Chicago and started his own photography business, travelling nationally and internationally to shoot major events and advertising campaigns. He has photographed for Hamilton on Broadway, the Globe Theater of London, Cirque du Soleil, Dwyane Wade, Nike, Gillette, and TJ Maxx. Barbin’s work has also been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, People magazine, and other notable publications, and he is currently publishing a photography book through Amherst Media.


Although his photography career has taken him all over the world, Barbin says that he is “always happy to return home to photograph at Northwestern.” Barbin credits the Northwestern community for inspiring him to turn his love for photography into a career. During his junior year, Barbin’s camera was stolen in a robbery. The Northwestern community rallied to help, replacing his camera through fundraisers and other events.


Says Barbin: “It was this experience that truly made me realize that what I was doing for my own enjoyment—photographing all the moments around me—was not only just for me. The Northwestern community shared in my joy and provided the encouragement and support for me to pursue my passion as a career.”


For Barbin, sharing his Reunion Weekend experiences is a way to celebrate his love and gratitude for Northwestern. He is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, enjoying the changes on campus, and “celebrating like we never left college!”


So, what can fellow alumni expect to see during Barbin’s Instagram takeover? According to Barbin, he’ll showcase his unique perspective, which he describes as “colorfully refined but a little bit silly.” But no selfies, says Barbin, except “maybe just one—for a special bow tie.”


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