The Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) invites all alumni and students to join the Northwestern Network Mentorship Program, which is designed to cultivate meaningful, professional relationships between Northwestern alumni and current students or fellow alumni.

More than 4,000 alumni and students from 58 countries and more than 85 industries have joined the mentorship program since January 2016. Through the program, alumni have the opportunity to share their talents and expertise, help students or fellow alumni realize their potential, and play an important role in shaping Northwestern’s next generation of leaders. Students receive valuable guidance on their careers, gain insights from industry leaders, and expand their professional networks.

“The mentorship program is making the power of the Northwestern alumni network more visible and easy to navigate for alumni and students,” says NAA Executive Director Laura Wayland.

The program is designed to be flexible and convenient. It is open to students and alumni from all class years, programs, and schools. Alumni can participate as a mentor, mentee, or both at the same time, and students may participate as mentees. Mentors may accept up to three mentees at the same time, while mentees are able to have up to two mentors at once.

Participants can sign up by logging onto the program’s easy-to-use online platform and completing a profile, which takes 10-15 minutes. Student and alumni mentees are then able to search for and request a mentor who best matches their career interests. Alumni mentors may either accept or decline a mentorship request. Mentors remain anonymous until the connection is accepted and then, together with the mentee, set the parameters of the relationship, including their objectives, how they will communicate, and how often to meet (typically over a period of 3-6 months).

The mentorship program is one of several career-oriented programs offered by the NAA. To learn more about career tools and resources, networking events, webinars, and more, visit the NAA website.