Northwestern University's campus in Evanston, IL, USA

Faculty, staff, and students from Northwestern University’s Qatar campus introduced individual scholars and their research efforts as well as students showcasing journalistic projects, documentary films, and undergraduate research during a week-long series of events on the Evanston campus.

“Connections between the Qatar campus and its home campus in Evanston offers a vision of NU’s 12th school and only international campus at a time when the university is accelerating its global activities,” said Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO of Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q).

Speaking to the Association for Higher Education Administrators' Development (AHEAD@NU) on "At Home Abroad: Northwestern's First International Campus,” Dennis provided an overview of the history of Northwestern’s campus in Qatar, which he said began with a simple letter to the president of Northwestern asking if it was interested in collaborating with Qatar in creating a journalism and communication school in Doha.”

Dennis told the group that the collaboration between Northwestern and the Qatar Foundations is essential to building a strong academic program, and encouraging freedom of expression and the development of robust media industries in the country, which he said has a “sense of destiny and wants to play a role on the world stage.” He also presented a video of NU-Q’s new building, which the school will be moving to in 2017.

At a faculty colloquium hosted by the the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, Klaus Schoenbach, associate dean of research, Urooj Kamran Azmi, a student at NU-Q, and Dean Dennis provided faculty with an overview of the collaborative research taking place at NU-Q.

Schoenbach told the group that the research taking place at NU-Q includes institutional research, and faculty and student research. Pointing to what he referred to as the school’s “signature research program,” Schoenbach discussed NU-Q’s first ever Media Industries Report and the fourth annual Media Use Survey, which focuses on finding out what people are doing with media in six countries in the Middle East. A short video on the 2016 survey, which was released in early May was also presented.

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