Registration to serve as a Northwestern Externship Program alumni host closes Wednesday, January 6, 2016.


This week’s Wildcat of the Week is Brandon Stein ’06. Brandon Stein serves as the president of the NU Club of Houston and lends his business expertise to students as a NEXT (Northwestern Externship Program) host, a one-day shadowing program offered to current Northwestern students.


“I host in order to provide Northwestern students with special access to opportunities and career paths they may not have exposure to on campus,” says Brandon who graduated with a Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences degree in political science and business institutions. Having worked at top firms such as Deloitte and Goldman Sachs, Brandon now holds a position in Customer and Marketing Strategy at Slalom Consulting. “Putting myself in their shoes, I would absolutely want a professional to show me the ropes and speak candidly about their profession, firm, and work in order to collect valuable data points along one's career journey.”


Brandon invests his time in the NEXT program as a way to stay connected to students and hear what is top of mind when they are evaluating career options. “I honestly believe that the power of proximity matters—the more you’re around other like-minded people and teams, the greater affinity and interest one gains over time,” he stresses.


He believes the program allows alumni to create a unique bond with the University and its students. “NEXT certainly has a place in our efforts as alumni to give back to the University.”


Brandon says Northwestern prepared him for career success by helping him maintain connections to other Northwestern students and alumni over time. “NU provided an outlet to create genuine, life-long friendships and relationships that I still carry with me today,” he says. According to Brandon, the spirit of collaboration and sharing is what makes Northwestern a special community.


“Northwestern promotes drive, passion and most importantly, sincerity. I believe there is level of humbleness and sincerity in our student and alumni population,” he says. “I am always finding pockets of success across Northwestern. It makes me both proud and inspired at the same time.”


In addition to mentoring the next generation, he serves as the NU Club of Houston President, coordinating local alumni events, fostering Northwestern connections in the community, and creating meaningful ties back to the University. “I enjoy being involved locally. It reminds me what those 4 special years in Evanston were like!”


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