This week's Wildcat of the Week is Andres Max Salmeron '17, a junior in the School of Communication. Andres has been interviewing Northwestern alumni who live all over the world about their experiences and recording the audio to create an original podcast called All Ears. He says the podcast is a personal project, not for a class; episodes can be streamed at Andres's website. We asked Andres about the project; here's his response, via email:


I’m from the East Coast and wanted to attend a school in a different part of the country. I was aware that several talented professionals I was familiar with had attended NU (namely Colbert) and that inspired me to apply. Initially, I was in Weinberg and found myself interested in taking more and more courses in the School of Communication. So I transferred and have been thrilled to focus on the world of RTVF.

Apart from developing friendships with a range of students with such different backgrounds, I’ve enjoyed creating a satirical news series, which was interesting to produce. Additionally, I work for Medill’s television station, and that’s been a great opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of how programs are made.

The goal of the project is to learn about how people evolve professionally and how their NU education impacted their trajectory. Doing the project has encouraged me to listen to alumni and learn about their decision making. It’s inspiring me as I pursue my own professional path. It also keeps me connected to the NU community. Other students can benefit from hearing the interviews, which are posted online.

I’m an avid listener of podcasts and have found myself listening to interviews, in particular, for a long time. What better way to learn about how NU impacted others than to sit down and hear what they’ve done? Like most college students, I’m often wondering about where I will go after graduation, so the project has been an opportunity to understand what others have done.

Many NU alumni whom I’ve contacted have been generous with their time and willingness to speak with me about their career development. As this is the essence of All Ears, I feel fortunate to have access to a broad range of alumni who have had such diverse experiences after graduating.

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