Darcy Eikenberg ’86 is a perfect example that it’s never too late to get reconnected to Northwestern.


Although she’d attended the occasional recruiting event or game watch over the years living in Chicago, New York, Connecticut and Atlanta, Darcy never considered herself “involved.”


“I had great friends and colleagues through my Northwestern experiences, but I never thought much about staying connected to the university,” she shared.


But when she decided to move last year to the much smaller Bonita Springs, Florida to be closer to family, she knew she needed to work on making new friends. And the local Northwestern alumni club was a great place to start.


So she updated her Our Northwestern and LinkedIn profiles with her new information and soon got a message from club communications director Chrissi Jackson ’90.


“Chrissi was the first to reach out, offer a friendly face in my new community, and invite me to an event. Then I started learning more about all the amazing things happening at the University, met awesome people, and I was hooked.”


Since then, Darcy has also put her professional expertise as an executive coach and speaker to work for Northwestern leading career networking workshops for the Washington, DC and Miami Alumni Clubs. She also created an energetic webinar for the popular Alumni Career Services series called “Mastering the Art of Bragging: What Today’s Leaders & Other Humble Professionals Need to Know.


She recently joined the board of the NU Club of Greater Naples (which covers Southwest Florida including the Fort Myers area). “I was honored to be able to attend the 2015 Leadership Symposium, where ours was named Club of the Year. I take no credit—all the success has been created by those involved much longer than me--but it was reaffirming to know that the university also recognized the great work I saw happening locally.”


“One thing I love about our Club is that it brings together alumni of all ages, which goes against the stereotypes of Southwest Florida. Our board is a great slice of professional and personal experience, with one member celebrating her 5th reunion and others celebrating their 50th. Where else in the world can you find that?”


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