This week’s ‘Wildcat of the Week’ spotlights several leading members from the Class of 2000. Leaders in education, viral internet bloggers turned authors, television hosts, and others share their stories of career success after Northwestern in the spotlights below. The Class of 2000 also celebrates their 15th reunion this year. Join them and others during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend October 16 – 18. Register here.>>





Nick Ehrmann ’00

Nick Ehrmann intended to study pre-med at Northwestern. But a transition to the American Studies program, and his experience studying abroad in South Africa and Scotland, changed his life. “I became wholly committed to furthering social justice in our own backyard,” says Nick.


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Stephanie Smith ’00

When Stephanie Smith was a student at Medill, never did she think she would become an internet star. But here she is, 15 years after graduation, with a viral blog and a book that just hit the shelves. Her blog, 300 Sandwiches, was born of a conversation between Stephanie and her fiancé one Sunday afternoon. “My fiancé is the one who usually cooks our meals,” says Stephanie. “And he would joke ‘Honey, just make me a sandwich?’ in return. So, one day I made a very basic sandwich and he went crazy for it and says ‘This sandwich is so good. You’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!’ And that was what inspired me to start the blog.”


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Darren Rovell ’00

Although Darren started out as a theatre major at Northwestern, he also had a love for sports. He eventually joined WNUR, Northwestern’s student radio station, and used his theatre background to provide entertaining play-by-play and color commentary during baseball, basketball, and football games.


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Sarika Rastogi ’00

Sarika Rastogi’s career trajectory has been the stuff of dreams. Graduating from the School of Communication at Northwestern, her first job was with fashion powerhouse Valentino. “It’s such a beautiful brand,” says Sarika. “I’ve always loved fashion and at Valentino, I learned all about the fashion industry, which led to so many other incredible opportunities.” After Valentino, Sarika headed to Chanel where she sold collections to buyers like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, held events, and       traveled to Paris and other fashion capitals to meet with clients.


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Stacey Shoemaker Rauen ’00

Stacy Shoemaker Rauen always knew she wanted to be a writer. Even during high school, she had her own column in the local newspaper. But when it came time to apply to college, she had to convince her mother to let her go to school for journalism—she was supposed to be the doctor or lawyer of the family. After visiting Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, she was able to show her she was serious about this career and that there was an entire school dedicated to help make it a reality.


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Suzanne Cobb Barston ’00

Suzanne Cobb Barston graduated from Northwestern’s School of Communication theatre department and had a successful acting career, but everything changed for her when she had her first child. After a difficult time breastfeeding, she began formula feeding her son. She soon realized that while there were many resources about breastfeeding, she couldn’t find any useful information to help her with her specific issues. She recognized then that there needed to be better education, support, and community for formula feeding parents. Suzanne quickly became interested in the sociology, politics, and troubling discourse surrounding breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and child-rearing.


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Damona Hoffman ’00

Damona Hoffman ’00 moved to LA to become a casting director and right out of the gate, she landed a job doing casting at CBS! After CBS, she headed to NBC where she started their talent diversity program. “I arrived at NBC with a vision and hope,” she says. “Creating such an important program from scratch and growing it into something that makes a meaningful impact was amazing,” she says. “I studied acting but didn’t see anyone who looked like me on TV; it felt like pushing a boulder uphill, so I wanted to help create other opportunities for people like me.” Despite her success in this realm, Damona wasn’t certain about following that path.


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Nina Auslander Meehan ’00

After graduating from Northwestern’s School of Communication, Nina Auslander Meehan ’00 headed to California for an internship with Berkeley Repertory Theater. At Northwestern, she majored in theatre with an emphasis in education and she soon realized there was no children’s theater in San Francisco.


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Matt Ufford ’00

Matt Ufford ’00 is currently an editor-at-large at SB Nation, a sports website (under the umbrella of Vox Media). But he began his post-college life in a very different place. “The transition from the Marines to writing was not really a textbook transition! I went from leading a platoon of Marines to breaking into the writing and editing industry,” says Matt.


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Join the Class of 2000 and others during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend October 16 – 18. Register here.>>