This week’s Wildcat of the Week features Samir Mayekar ’06, ’13 MBA, current Northwestern Alumni Association Board Officer and Chicago Regional Campaign Committee member. Find out more about upcoming Campaign/Purple Pride events. >>


I had three criteria for selecting a college: a world class institution with strengths in many disciplines; a presence in a major city; Division 1 athletics and a great marching band. Northwestern was the only institution that fit those criteria; I applied Early Decision!


The thing I love most about Northwestern is my alma mater’s diversity. We have such depth in so many various fields: liberal arts, engineering, fine arts, journalism, law, and business.This range of strengths allowed me to take courses I never imagined. For instance, two of my favorite courses were Russian Literature and Advanced Choreography (despite the fact that I studied political science). The lessons I learned in those classes were applicable to other fields and also provided deep personal fulfillment. That sort of experience is only possible at an institution like Northwestern.


My favorite memory at Northwestern was when we beat Ohio State (33-27) in double overtime at night! It was an electrifying atmosphere. I remember watching Sports Center over and over the next day!


The one fact that never ceases to amaze me — whenever I email or call someone from the alumni database to help me with my company, I receive a response >95% of the time. Wildcats help each other and I encourage all alumni to tap into our rich network to help you get to where you want to be.


I give back to Northwestern in three ways. I am a member of NU Loyal, our giving society; I guest lecture courses on entrepreneurship every year; and I serve as a volunteer for the Alumni Association. I do all of this because Northwestern has given me so much — I started a company based on technology from the engineering school, I met my wife in the marching band, and my personal and professional networks are dominated by Northwestern alumni. I am incredibly proud my life took a Northwestern direction.


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