This week's Wildcat of the Week is Jack Stephen ’12, director of recent alumni for the NU Club of the SF Bay Area.


When Jack interviews students as part of the Northwestern Alumni Admission Council program, he remembers why he chose Northwestern as a high school senior.


“I realized then that Northwestern was the most closely aligned with my interests: a liberal arts education, competitive athletics, a large theater/film presence, and a beautiful campus moderately close to home,” Jack says.


Jack only knew a couple of people--fellow Wildcats, of course--when he moved to San Francisco three years ago. He contacted the alumni club in the area because he wanted to meet new people and attend events with other Northwestern alumni. Shortly after joining the club, Jack was elected as the director of recent alumni for the NU Club of the San Francisco Bay Area. In this role, he plans events and programs to engage young alumni.


“I try to give back to the University in whatever ways I can realistically manage,” Jack says.  “While I may not currently be a man of incredible financial means (yet!), I recognize that small donations add up.”


Jack is looking forward to the basketball season where he thinks the Wildcats have a good chance of "sneaking up on a few teams."




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