Melissa Nott Davis_2.jpgWith only a few weeks left until the end of Northwestern’s fiscal year on August 31, I hope you will make your gift of any amount to any area of the University that is meaningful to you.


Your gift is critical to the University because of the impact it makes on students—but there is something else I want to share with you about the importance of alumni giving. Each year, every university sets a participation goal—the percentage of alumni donors they hope will make a gift to the institution that year. Northwestern’s participation goal this year is very ambitious.


You may think, “Northwestern will definitely reach its goal without my help.” And indeed, we have already made important progress. But in order to reach the participation goal for this fiscal year, we need more alumni to show their support. When you make your gift, we’ll be one step closer to success.


Alumni participation is a key measure included in national rankings of colleges and universities and helps Northwestern attract support from foundations, corporations, and other donors. Reaching our goal means something very real, something that changes the way the world sees our University.


Northwestern has made an indelible impact on all of us. We need to show the world what an exceptional place our University is—my contribution, your contribution, and contributions from the entire Northwestern community will make that happen.

Make your gift today. Help send the message that Northwestern is, and will continue to be, one of the best universities in the world.


Go ’Cats!


Melissa Nott Davis ’97


Co-Chair, Boston Regional Board of the Northwestern University Leadership Circle

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