On July 14 Northwestern rolled out its new alumni directory, available exclusively to registered users of Our Northwestern, the University’s online community. Here are five things you need to know:


1. All of your Northwestern friends are in there!



Our Northwestern is the University’s online community—a place to network, submit class notes, and get in touch with fellow alumni. Free and open to all, Our Northwestern offers access to events, ideas, and resources that matter to the Wildcat community. Use the directory feature to find your classmates and reconnect.



2  . . . unless they’ve hidden themselves.

Privacy Concern.png


Northwestern takes privacy concerns seriously. Find out how to set your privacy settings in Our Northwestern using this handy guide.



3. Keep in mind that your fellow alumni want to send you a holiday card. They really do.



Your friends love you and just want to say hi. So before you hide your profile, remember that you control who sees sensitive personal information, such as your street addresses: Everyone in the Our Northwestern community, friends, or just you. You should also know that this detailed contact information is only displayed in your full profile. In the directory search results, other users will see a condensed profile—including your preferred email address and phone number.



4. Don’t go looking for your fraternity brothers.



Well, you can—but most student activity information is self-reported so we can’t guarantee that you’ll find all the members of Sigma Chi or the tuba section of the NU Marching Band. The directory gets better when you update your contact information and complete your profile. So get in there!



5. We made these changes to serve you better.



Northwestern alumni, we’re listening. Like it? Have suggestions? Submit your thoughts and comments using this Web survey.


Your feedback will remain confidential and be used only to improve Our Northwestern for the entire Wildcat community.

Check out the directory now. >>