From a four-time gold medalist, to President Obama's speechwriter, to a life coach and author, Northwestern alumni share words of wisdom with the Class of 2015.

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1. “Think big and wide—don't be afraid of uncertainty!”

Hannah Chung ’12

Cofounder, Design for America and Sproutel

2. “Get involved with alumni clubs! Someone has helped you at some point in your life, and we need to help current and future students.”

Chardaé Davis ’09

Manager, bodybar Studios


3. “The only regrets octogenarians have are for the risks they didn’t take.”

Andy Dunn ’00

Founder and Executive Chairman, Bonobos



4. “Nobody can do it alone and people help those that they know and like. The way to make that happen is with a great attitude and a smile on your face. Attitude is a choice we make every day, it takes zero talent, and it is the number one determinant of your success.”

Coach Pat Fitzgerald ’97

Head Football Coach, Northwestern University




5. “Be kind to others, no matter who they might be. But first be kind to yourself.”

Eric Fridman ’97 MBA

Assistant Dean, Marketing and Communications, Northwestern University




6. “Rather than focusing on where you’ll be five or ten years down the road, cherish every step of the journey. If you immerse yourself in today, tomorrow will take care of itself.”

Glenn Geffner ’90

Miami Marlins Broadcaster


7. “You don’t need to follow the ‘track.’ Find what you’re good at and what you love, and make your own track.”

Brittany Graunke ’07

Founder and CEO, Zealous Good




8. “Exude positivity and let it help direct you and others to greatness.”

Matt Grevers ’09

Four-time Olympic gold medalist







9. “Do not fear the future. Embrace what you don't know and jump in! Your life story is just beginning!”

Corrie Harding ’86

Director News Partnerships, NBC Universal



10. “Your reality is yours alone. Don’t worry about what other people think about you, because the truth is, if they do, it is in passing. They’re busy, too.”

Steven Hartstein ’85

Chief Compliance Officer, MetLife Funds



11. “Do not under estimate the power of building and nurturing relationships. You will find that it is the people you know who impact your career more than any résumé bullet point. Spend quality time investing in your relationships.”

Christine Hassler ’98

Author, Speaker, Life Coach



12. “Before you turn 30, take one big risk with your career. If it doesn’t work out, you’re young enough to land softly. But if it does, you could end up somewhere special.”

Cody Keenan ’02

Assistant to the President of the United States and Director of Speechwriting




Clinton_Kelly_200px.jpg13. “Ask yourself, about everything you do—whether it’s what you're eating, what you’re wearing, what you’re watching, whom you’re hanging out with—is this action getting me closer to my goal or further away from it? Stop doing the crap that takes you off course.”

Clinton Kelly ’93 MS

Cohost of The Chew and former cohost of What Not to Wear



14. “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”

Daryl Morey ’96

Houston Rockets General Manager



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