Catalyzer_SocialMedia_160x160.jpgEVANSTON, Ill. --- Northwestern University students are known for pounding the pavement to raise funds for nonprofit projects on campus. Catalyzer, a new online tool, is now expanding their reach, enabling students to connect with Northwestern alumni and others through interactive and engaging fundraising campaigns.


Catalyzer is powered by ScaleFunder, a crowdfunding fundraising platform for educational institutions. All gifts made through Catalyzer are tax deductible, with 100 percent of contributions directly benefiting the Northwestern student-led projects, regardless of whether they meet their fundraising goals. Gifts also count toward We Will. The Campaign for Northwestern.


Northwestern launched the tool earlier this month to connect students with alumni who share in their interests. “Catalyzer gives student leaders a powerful new social media tool for raising awareness about and funds for projects, events and organizations for which they may share a common passion with other members of the Northwestern community,” said Bob McQuinn, vice president for alumni relations and development. “The platform will connect students to alumni, parents and friends of the University to address important challenges through philanthropy.”


NU Threads is one of the first four student groups to launch projects on Catalyzer, using video, social media and well-written pitches to creatively share their fundraising goals and accept gifts online. NU Threads provides free professional and formalwear to students who feel otherwise unprepared for a business casual, business formal or professional event because of their attire.


“Our shared formalwear closet is aimed at alleviating the burden that socioeconomic status disparity places on student involvement in professional and extracurricular activities,” said Pooja Mirchandani, a senior at Northwestern and chief executive officer and co-founder of NU Threads.


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