This week's Wildcat of the Week spotlight features Lita Talisman '15, a School of Education and Social Policy major from Bethesda, MD.


Northwestern University has been my home for the past four years. I love NU because it allows for a vast range of opportunities to get involved, experience new things, and have an unforgettable college experience.

I've not only gotten the chance to attend Big 10 sporting events, take stimulating classes, and travel abroad to learn even more, but I have also made so many lifelong friends.


I give back to NU, because I want future students to be able to have similar experiences to mine. I have gotten so much from this school and I would love to give back in order to ensure that it continues to thrive. Additionally, the organizations that I've been involved in have been so important to my time here and I would love to come back and see them grow.

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