Thompson_Leigh_NMAN1801.jpgDid you know the Kellogg School of Management offers non-degree programs ranging from three days to four weeks on topics from leadership to finance? Take advantage of your 30 percent Northwestern alumni discount and learn from Kellogg’s world-renowned faculty, surrounded by a network of peers from around the world.

To learn effective negotiation skills in under an hour, watch the free Negotiation Tactics 101 video series by Leigh Thompson (right), J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations at Kellogg.

  • Strengthen your negotiation skills with four short video sessions. Negotiation Tactics 101 is designed to improve the skills and confidence of anyone who sits at the negotiation table — large- and small-business people, managers who deal in both professional and personal settings and in internal/external negotiations. Each of the “negotiation toolboxes” provides step-by-step best practices and clear strategies alongside real examples, stories and management science research. Course participants are given suggestions for follow-up readings.


To truly maximize the outcomes of your negotiations, join us on the Evanston campus for an immersive four-day program led by Thompson and Jeanne Brett, DeWitt W. Buchanan Jr. Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations at Kellogg.


  • Led by senior Kellogg faculty, both global thought leaders in their field, this immersive, highly interactive program opens your eyes to a new way of thinking about and conducting negotiation. You'll learn how to develop and implement the right strategy, manage a negotiating team and remain agile and focused in a dynamic, evolving situation.


  • You’ll identify your negotiating strengths and the areas where you can improve. You’ll learn one-on-one and team-on-team negotiation skills, apply them in simulations and receive individualized feedback on your performance. You’ll also master the essentials of deal making within and between organizations, dispute resolution and negotiating in a global environment.


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