11/14/2014 - Data is useless. Data is a myth. Data is among the most powerful tools for growth organizations have at their disposal today.


A group of Kellogg School professors and prominent alumni discussed the growing field of data analytics, focusing often on the gulf between what managers think data does and what it actually can do.


Professor Florian Zettelmeyer led the discussion with Facebook CMO Gary Briggs '89, Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia '97, Norwest Venture Partners Senior Managing Partner Promod Haque '83 and Professor Brian Uzzi


Professor Florian Zettelmeyer on the myth of analytics




Facebook CMO Gary Briggs '89 on storytelling

Norwest Venture Partners' Promod Haque '83 on the future of analytics

Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia '97 on how to make data a tool

Professor Brian Uzzi on marrying marketing and data