Video produced by Orko Manna.


Sometimes fearless, sometimes wacky, but always full of purple pride, mascot Willie the Wildcat is one of Northwestern’s most visible public symbols.


Clad in purple, he patrols the sidelines during athletic events pumping up the crowd in hopes of another Wildcat victory. He also cheerfully welcomes new students during March Through the Arch, appears on national television shows such as NBC’s Today and helps spread good cheer throughout the community in parades and visits to schools and hospitals.


As Northwestern celebrates “Willie in the Windy City” the theme of Homecoming Week 2014 University archivist Kevin Leonard showcases the rich history of the Wildcat nickname and the Willie the Wildcat mascot. Log in and comment below let us know which version of the Willie the Wildcat mascot is your favorite!


Leonard also takes us behind the scenes of a recent conservation effort designed to preserve University Archives’ once-living “wildcat” specimen.


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