The Wildcats will take on Nebraska October 18 at Ryan Field wearing a special "Northwestern Gothic" uniform created by Under Armour as a reflection of the most beautiful college campus in the nation, and the University it surrounds. (Log in and comment below to tell us what you think about the new look.)


The black-purple-gold color scheme is a nod to the school's colors of "purple and 'old gold'" before the University adopted purple as its only official color. "Northwestern" is spelled out on the front of the jersey in a typeface taken from the signs that are ubiquitous on the Evanston campus, with the distinctive spoked "T."


The Northwestern Arch is represented on the back of the helmet, and the arches on the shoulder are reflective of the architecture throughout campus, especially the windows of Deering Library. The jersey (shoulders) and pants (back) both have ivy detailing like so many of the structures throughout the University.


Click on the video player at the top of this post to watch the "Northwestern Gothic by Under Armour" video.


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