Northwestern students no longer need a longtime staple of dorm life – a TV.

Through a partnership with Comcast, NU students living on campus can now stream live TV and "On Demand" content directly to their computers and mobile devices via Wi-Fi in the residence halls and other University buildings. Northwestern is the first university in the Midwest to offer this service.

"Xfinity On Campus" will offer more than 130 live TV channels, including every major broadcast network as well as ESPN, The Big Ten Network, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports, AMC, Comedy Central, MTV, and dozens of others. Participating students will also be able to access content on several programmers’ websites and mobile apps, ranging from WatchESPN to FXNOW.

"'Xfinity On Campus' is a great benefit for students who live on campus,” said Paul Riel, Northwestern’s executive director of residential services. “It fits with students’ lifestyles they can watch live TV content in their rooms and on campus, as well as gain access to programming when they’re off campus. Another benefit is that they do not have to buy or bring TVs, so they will not have to give up precious space in their rooms or disturb their roommates when they want to watch a program.”

In addition to all the live TV and “On Demand” choices, participating students will be able to upgrade their service and gain access to premium channels, including the NFL Network, HBO, Showtime, and STARZ.

In coming months, participating students will be able to access the “Xfinity On Demand” library on the go using the “Xfinity TV Go” app for Android and iOS devices. The “On Demand” library includes current seasons of thousands of TV shows and hit movies.

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