Members of the Class of 2014 at Northwestern's 156th Commencement, on June 20.


Your gift, no matter the size, no matter the allocation, fuels Northwestern. Alumni contributions facilitate exceptional programs, robust scholarships, student life initiatives, and academic and experiential learning. When you make a gift by the end of the fiscal year on August 31, you not only show your support for the University, but you also show your dedication to changing society. Your contributions enable students, faculty, and alumni to make an impact on the world.


Wildcats accomplish the extraordinary: from the student who is setting up a health clinic in an Indian village to the student who innovates in the field of clean energy, from the student philanthropists who have raised more than $15 million through Dance Marathon to the student-athletes who lead their teams to national championships, from the faculty member honored by President Barack Obama to the researcher exploring molecular structures, from the alumna who was an activist for the National Organization of Women to the alumnus nominated for his twenty-third Emmy Award, Northwestern’s impact is real — across all areas and disciplines, across all generations, across the globe. But it would not be possible without you.


Now is the time to make your gift. Whether you are the alumnus who has been giving for 68 consecutive years or the alumna who made her first gift last week, or part of one of the more than 32,000 members of the NU Loyal giving society, every single gift from every single donor makes a difference in this effort to come together as a community and show the world what Northwestern can do. Through you, through all of us together, we will be the catalyst for change.


Northwestern’s fiscal year ends August 31. Will you join your fellow alumni and make your gift today?

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