The Houston Astros may be near the bottom of the American League standings right now, but that doesn’t mean the team’s future is bleak. In fact, Sports Illustrated predicted last month that the Astros will win the 2017 World Series, in part because of the work of a Kellogg School of Management graduate.

Jeff Luhnow ’94 MBA, the Astros' general manager, is one of the people directing the team's rebuilding process. A former entrepreneur and management consultant, Luhnow was featured in Sports Illustrated's June 30 cover story about how data analytics is reshaping the Astros and the rest of Major League Baseball.

Also in Houston, Daryl Morey ’96 is relying on data analytics in his role as general manager of the Rockets, helping pioneer the use of advanced statistical analysis to measure player performance across the NBA. Morey was profiled in the Winter 2013 edition of Northwestern magazine.

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