The University launched its strategic plan, Northwestern Will, in 2011. The following memo was sent to the Northwestern community last month to provide a progress report on the plan’s implementation.


As we did last year, we are reporting to our faculty, staff, students, and alumni on ways the Northwestern Will strategic plan is being put into action across the University. We are inspired by the progress already made and the impact that the plan continues to have on Northwestern. The plan provides the overarching goals, but the impetus for transformation is arising from throughout this great institution.

The plan contains four “pillars,” or areas of focus, that build on Northwestern’s strengths and concentrate resources on the key issues for the University. This report highlights initiatives underway in each of those four pillars. Although not intended to be comprehensive, the list is wide ranging, demonstrating that significant efforts that already are transforming the University are occurring in many areas.

“We Will,” the $3.75 billion fundraising campaign publicly launched this spring, is intended to ensure the success of initiatives such as those reported here and others yet to come. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read the progress report, which is available online. Northwestern will continue to discover, integrate, connect, and engage, just as Northwestern Will envisions.


Morton Schapiro, President and professor

Daniel Linzer, Provost and professor 

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