Northwestern University is offering a special massive open online course (MOOC) on Content Strategy for Professionals exclusively to Northwestern alumni and friends this summer, starting on June 9.

"Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization" is taught by 10 professors, eight from the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications and two with joint appointments at Medill and the Kellogg School of Management. The MOOC is designed for professionals in a variety of different kinds of organizations, public and private. It will show them how they can use credible, trustworthy and transparent content to far better engage their internal and external audiences.

Watch a video summary of the alumni course.

“In this complex information age, forward-thinking people know that if they and their for-profit or non-profit organizations are to thrive, they must master the most demanding communications frontier – creating engaging, strategic, honest stories and information that is valued by their most important audiences,” said John Lavine, the lead professor on the MOOC and the director of Northwestern’s Media Management Center. “If they do this, it will make their enterprise stand out.”


“This MOOC will give you actionable ways to create content that others will value,” Lavine continued. “From social media to audience insights, you will understand the best ways to think about digital and print content in your organization. You’ll see best-practice examples from across the globe and gain unique insight by going inside the future of content strategy in the leading organizations today that are pioneering that frontier.”


More reasons for alumni to take the course:

  • You can take the MOOC at your own pace: all on a weekend or some each week for six weeks.
  • There are no tests or grades – just great knowledge that will deepen your understanding of how to make all forms of print and digital content more impactful.
  • The experts in the course are 10 Northwestern faculty from Medill and Kellogg.
  • It was developed on Coursera, the largest MOOC platform in the world.
  • The course is free, but you have to register to take it.


Lavine underscored that this MOOC for alumni has been improved even beyond the first one that was offered widely around the world this winter.


“We took all that we learned in the first one and all that was possible to do in addition and refined the initial course,” he said in an interview. “Even more important, we have tailored this MOOC for all Northwestern alumni, no matter what school they were a part of and when they left the University.”


Register for the course here. Alumni who don’t already have an account with Coursera will be prompted to create one by putting in their name and email address. Enrollment happens automatically when a registrant reaches the voucher landing page.