Northwestern is offering alumni a unique, free MOOC — or massive online open course — about content strategy.


Whether you want to develop your knowledge of content strategy to improve your job performance and advance your career — or even if you’re just curious about Northwestern’s role in the field — this MOOC is for you.


When you enroll, you’ll join a global learning community tailored for adults. Your clients, colleagues, family and friends can also join.


Among the MOOC’s benefits are:


  • Flexibility. You can take the MOOC at your own pace — all in one weekend or spaced out over six weeks. 
  • No tests or grades. The focus is on developing knowledge that will deepen your understanding of how to make all forms of print and digital content more impactful.
  • Access to experts. The course will be taught by 10 faculty members from Medill and Kellogg.
  • Top technology. The course was developed on Coursera, the largest MOOC platform in the world.
  • It's free. However, registration is required. To register, click here:

“This MOOC will give you actionable ways to create engaging content that others will value,” lead professor John Lavine said. “You’ll see best-practice examples from across the globe and gain unique insight by going inside the future of content strategy at IBM, the organization that is leading the field today. From social media to audience insights, you will understand the best ways to think about digital and print content in your organization.”


Those who sign up for the MOOC will learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, said Candy Lee, a professor in journalism and integrated marketing communications at Medill.


“We’re offering this free MOOC for you because you are a Northwestern alum and thoughtful about how you communicate,” Lee said. “Just think about your myriad clients, customers, friends, and colleagues who would appreciate knowing how to have far more impact with the information they want to get across.”


The MOOC will begin June 9 and run through July 20. Don’t pass up this exciting opportunity to learn how content is used and consumed in our data-rich world alongside other Northwestern graduates from around the world.


The MOOC is free, but registration is required. Register by clicking here:

If you don’t already have an account with Coursera, you will be prompted to create one. After signing up for the MOOC, you will receive an email with the course materials once they’re available.


If you have questions about the MOOC, please contact Northwestern’s Media Management Center at or 847-491-4900.