Northwestern University has received 2,828 Common Applications for the Class of 2018 under its early decision program — a 14.73 percent increase from last year, marking the ninth consecutive year that early decision applications have increased at Northwestern.

“We’re doing an excellent job of raising our visibility across the nation and the world,” said Michael Mills, associate provost for University enrollment, “through outreach by staff, student volunteers and faculty, and the president through his international travel.”

The University increasingly is being recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of its students, the highly diverse education offered inside and outside the classroom, leading faculty research regularly covered in the news and a popular president, Morton Schapiro, who is well known for his expertise in the economics of higher education.

“Northwestern attracts students who are both creative and analytical and provides a left-brain, right-brain type of education that provides plenty of opportunities for them to explore multiple interests,” said Christopher Watson, dean of undergraduate admissions at Northwestern.

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