This article from Kellogg Insight broaches a very specific cross-section of business and social impact - corporatism and activism - but, to me, touches upon some pretty thoughtful considerations.  Brayden King and Klaus Weber, both associate professors of management and organizations at the Kellogg School, conduct research on social movements, including corporate activism.


First, a lovely takeaway (for me, as an online community manager ):

“Social media is a way for social activists to bypass traditional media to create a stage for themselves in public.”



After reading this, I ask myself: does corporate involvement negate or enhance the validity of a social movement?  Just what kind of social responsibility does a corporation have to have - or, what decisions must be made when forming a single, unified, corporate stance - when big(ger) business and grassroots organizations collide?  I'd love to hear what others in the community have to think (my experience with these ideas are exclusively personal, not professional).