Shaina Morrison (’15) wins KBAC Alumni Scholarship

shaina.jpgCongratulations to Shaina Morrison (’15), the 22nd Endowed Scholar of the Black Management Association (BMA). Ms. Morrison has proved herself as a strong member of the BMA Executive Team, dedicated to Prospective Students. Prior to Kellogg, Shaina worked in advertising, most recently as an Account Manager at Geometry Global, developing marketing campaigns for the Time Warner Cable Business Class Account. She has experience advertising for telecommunications, pharmaceutical, music, retail, and beauty business categories. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Shaina was a 2009 graduate of Hofstra University with a major in marketing. She's passionate about pursuing a marketing career in the media and entertainment space.

The scholarship, which started in 1991, has continuously been funded through the generous gifts of alumni and corporate sponsors. Please continue giving back, so we can provide further assistance to other members of our beloved organization and institution.  As a joint effort between the BMA and the KBAC, we are urging our alumni to help support bringing more high-caliber candidates of color to Kellogg. 

Want to give to the KBAC Alumni Scholarship? We have all the information you need here.  If you have more questions, contact the Alumni Development Office.