We are blown away by the amount of Kellogg Alumni Support for the upcoming Kellogg Leadership Symposium.

Evanston Campus is blown away by it!

Thanks to Kellogg Alum Jared Day, Babar Chowdhry, Trudy Sullivan, Holly Yao Duncan, Paula Rhea, Laura Gordon, Mickey Fisher, Brad Elledge, Derek Gerow, Mark N. Howard and Marty Ellen for their contributions to the event. We have breakfast, coffee, DrPepperSnapple drinks, 7Eleven Sandwiches/Snacks, Zaguan Latin Pastries, Mary Kay Gift Baskets, Nosco printed signs and lots of volunteer work at the event. Want to contribute?

Still time to buy a Corporate Package and introduce the "magic" of Kellogg Power to your team! www.KelloggSymposium.com