Under the guidance of Linda Darragh and Kellogg’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI),  Kellogg is establishing a Kellogg Entrepreneurs Organization (KEO) West/NW Suburbs - Chicago Chapter.  Borrowing heavily from the successful small group model developed over several decades by YPO ("Young President's Organization"), KEO provides practicing entrepreneurs with a distinctive support group for peer learning, resource sharing, and networking.



KEO members must be spending the equivalent of a full time effort on a venture, without a full time W2 income from an employer, which they either founded, co-founded, or have decision-making authority for the venture as a #3 or #4 employee, working on behalf of the founder(s). It is essential that the member be in a decision making capacity with an active venture, whether the venture is in pre-seed stage with beta customers or post-revenue operation with employees. The venture cannot be in formation, unless the entrepreneur has exited a prior venture and is starting something new. In addition to these qualifications, KEO members must be committed to attending the meetings as a high-level of participation is critical to the success of the chapter.



KEO meetings will occur bimonthly, typically the last Thursday or Friday of the month. Meetings will last approximately 2 hours and be held at various times of the day depending on the group’s availability.  They will be scheduled in advance and held at a central location – likely near O’Hare Airport. We are targeting our first meeting for February.



1. Entrepreneurs should submit their interest along with a short summary of their venture to Lis Williams '93 at Lis@AWEPartners.com by January 20, 2017.

2. Lis will work with KIEI to evaluate the candidacy for each interested entrepreneur using KIEI-KEO chapter guidelines.

3. A formal announcement will be released from KIEI with the initial approved member list and  first meeting date/time/location.


We’re excited about this initiative and hope you will consider joining.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Elisabeth Williams ‘93, Lis@AWEPartners.com or 708-256-8292