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Welcome to the Class of 1995

Thanks so much to the 1995 Committee who worked so hard to get a fantastic group of people together! Please take a minute to post your pics on FB. Special K video is up as well!


If you did not make it back, you were missed. But there is still time to get your name on the list of class donors.


We have already surpassed the participation numbers for the 20th of '90, '91, '92, and '93! We just need to 82 more donors to beat '94's record of 36%! We are also within range to set an all-time record for giving to the Annual Fund for all 20th Reunions. Please consider making Kellogg and the Class of 1995 a philanthropic priority. Make your gift HERE

Class Donors: Thank you to all of our classmates who have already made their gift to help support the '95 efforts.


Eric Acher

John Atkins

Mark Ball

Charlotte Bartol (Cudlip)

Jim Beckemeyer

Javier Beeck

Owen Belman

Matthew Boler

Edmund Brady

Klaus Buerger

Henry Caffrey

Carlos Cantu-Lee

Dean Chan

Kevin Charlton

Richard Chino

Ben Chou

Kai Chung

Brian Collins

Kevin Condon

Melissa Copeland (Goldberg)

Margaret Godfrey Douglas

Geoffrey Dybas

Cindi Ersek

Gregory Feller

Gianfranco Ferrari

Shaun Finnie

David Frame

Davis Fulkerson

William Furniss

Jeff Gerard

Stephen Gilland

Martha Golub

Alfonso Gonzalez

Pamela Gordon

Jill Greer (Schwartz)

David Greer

Adalberto Guajardo

Catherine Gunsbury (Lindeman)

John Haegele

Gregory Hagood

Neil Hamblin

Frank Hardart

Jacqueline Harris Hochberg

Robin Headlee

Tracy Heilman

John Hendrix

Terrence Hill

David Holecek

Beth Houle

Cheryl DeMong Hubbard

Travis Hurst

Dan Jenks

Elyse Spector Kalmans

Hiroko Kawai

Todd Kessler

Erica Rutkin Keswin

Thomas King

Lisa Kohr (Czepiel)

Elizabeth Berns Korn

Catharina Kusuma

Mark Lamps

Frances Brasfield Langewisch

Donna Lasinski

Lisa Lavine (Forthofer)

Harold Lehr

Carrie Leonard

Stella Lin

Lynn Lipsig

Fernando Lopez

Jill Luciani

Gerardo Carlos Marinas

John Martin

Gregg E. Mastoras

Sheila Matuscak Samii

Robert Mauriello

Bruce McDonald

Jan McDougal (Petersen)

Steve McDougal

Thomas McGuinness

Mark Medema

Lara P. Metcalf

Patrick Meynial

Robert Mihalko

John Montaquila

Nicole Neuefeind

Kerry O'Rourke Bischof

Lucia Paiz

Nicholas Palmer

Dena Dodd Perry

Ted Pfeiffer

Paul Posoli

Jose Prado

Marie Femino Queen

Michelle Quinones Chino (Quinones)

Heather Raker (Beatty)

Todd Raker

Win Reis

Kelley Rich (House)

Hugues Rivard

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Todd Rooker

Darielle Ruderman (Hilser)

Lee Ruderman

Wells Sampson

Colin Sankey

Diane Kitayama Sankey

Andrew Schadt

Klaus Schaefer

Chris Scherzinger

Christian Schneider

Amy Shriber (Lehr)

David Smith

Matthew Soule

Tyler Stevens

Lucien Tenn

Joanna Terlecka-Bos

John Terrill

Amy M. Thornton

Per Torgersen

Barbara Toth (Wansbrough)

Tim Urquhart

Ashish Vazirani

Julius Veloria

Ruth Veloria (Gill)

Liz Wald

Jane Hunter Walsh

Sharon Ward

Kirsten Osgood Wolberg

Shigehito Yamada

Wendy Yanowitch

Philip Yau

Thomas Zidar

Kathryn Zwack



Class Committee Members
Jim Beckemeyer

Rick Berg

Michelle Quinones Chino
Richard Chino

Margaret Godfrey Douglas

Ken Ewell

Shaun Finnie
Pam Gordon

Vincent Grimaldi de Puget

Jackie Harris Hochberg

Cheryl DeMong Hubbard

Erica Rutkin Keswin

Lisa Kohr (Czepiel)

Frances Brasfield Langewisch

John Martin

Stephen McDougal

Jan McDougal (Petersen)

Mark Medema

Kerry O'Rourke Bischof
Lucia Paiz
Win Reis

John Stickford

Per Torgersen


Class-Specific Social Media Groups:
Class of 1995 LinkedIn Group


For more information on your 20th Reunion or if you have any questions, please contact Christine Feary at or 847-467-5222

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