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Feinberg Class Notes

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Angela Bicos Kiriklakis (WCAS 92, FSM 96, GFSM 99) and John of Glenview, IL, parents of Andriana Lise, June 30, and Nicholas.

In 1965, I returned to Northwestern as Chief of Psychiatry and Neurology, VA Research Hospital.  While serving as a LCDR, USN Medical Corps (1961-65), my original research documented abnormalities of adrenal dysfunction in depressive disorders.  In 1969, with the rank of Associate Professor, I resigned my position at VA Research.  I went into full-time private practice.  I was a Senior Attending Psychiatrist, and Senior Attending Neurologist at Evanston Hospital until shortly after 9/11/2001.  During most of those years, I taught neuropsychopharmacology to Evanston Hospital psychiatry residents.  Following 9/11/2011, I resigned from inpatient and teaching responsibilities because I was requested to serve in an advisory capacity for national government service.  I continued my private practice in Kenilworth, and it still remains active.


I am a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Life Fellow of the Pan-American Medical Association, and Fellow of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.  I was a founding member of the board of directors of the Institute for Advancement in Prosthetics, and a director of the Barr Foundation.  There has been perennial recognition as one of America's Top Psychiatrists by the Consumers Research Council of America, selection  as a charter member of Peer-Reviewed Physicians, and as a top doctor in the Global Directory of Who's Who.


My recent book Medical Dollar$ and Life-Saving Sense is a medical travelogue for patient enlightenment about obtaining economical, quality care in the 2014 environment of managed care and Obamacare.



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Following about 40 years of full time family practice, I practiced part time and served as Physician Electronic Heath Record Advisor. I wound down by part time correctional medicine, and fully retired on 31 October 2013. I did not renew my license to practice medicine.