Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet with an early graduate of our Driskill_Graduate_Program (formerly the Integrated Graduate Program). The DGP is the program through which students earn PhDs in the basic science and clinical departments at our medical_school.


It was fascinating to learn more about his experience as a PhD student and what drew him to study and conduct research at Northwestern University. More than anything, I remember him sharing that he was really glad to have been able to teach anatomy at Feinberg, an opportunity that he felt helped prepare him for a career in academia. I thought it was telling that this alumnus looked back appreciatively on something that others could have found to have been a chore. And, that he was now serving as SVP of Research at the university where he worked!


Today, this graduate is giving back to the DGP and supporting current PhD students traveling to and presenting at professional conferences. I am excited that we can help this alum and others like him continue to enrich the experiences of those who follow in their footsteps.