Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend Feinberg's Founders' Day, a ceremony that serves as the official start of our academic year. Remarks from our Dean_Neilson, President_Schapiro, and Mary McDermott, MD, all reinforced the importance of humility in medicine.


For our newest medical_students, donning their first white coats for the first time, I imagine that the ceremony must have felt somewhat transformational. In my six years working at the medical_school, I've learned that medicine is filled with symbols and traditions, and the physician's white coat is a symbol of science, learning, and order. What a feeling to take the first step on the journey toward becoming a doctor as a first year medical student!


As our newest students began their journeys, they were welcomed not only by faculty leaders and staff, but by many medical_alumni. In a burgeoning tradition, our students' white coats were sponsored by 75 alumni donors. Students received cards with the names of their alumni benefactors and had the opportunity to write them thank you notes. As my team and I mailed those notes to our alumni donors last week, it was an honor to help strengthen the ties across our Northwestern_Medicine family. Welcome to Feinberg, Class_of_2017!